The idea of green travel index

Green Travel Index offers a simple way to connect with potential customers in sustainable travel business, allowing you to marketing your business on a sustainable market place and enables you to focus on your service or products. Elegant, simple and easy to use, Green Travel Index offers a way to generate revenue exactly when your service is on demand.

1. Create an Account - claim your already existing entry

If you have received a direct mail from green travel index or one of our partners, then your service is already in our database. If so you can take care of it yourself and please choose the variant 1 - "claim this listing". If you can't find it in our database please register a new account and select your plan to uload the information of your service. Follow the selfexplaining registration prozess.

Variant 1 (recommended!): Look for your entry in the database to take over and claim it.

Variant 2: Go to menu register, choose the best plan for your service and follow the steps to enter your data.

All registrations and claiming prodedures need first a confirmation from our service team. Please consider that we have to proof that all registrants are travel professioals!

2. Submit Your Listing

Submitting a service using green travel index is simple. We’ve made entering the address of your place easy. You can even fully customize your entry by yourself and take guarantee that the Information is right. This gives you full control over the display of the fields that are shown on your submission form.

3. Get More Interest In Your Service

This won’t be the first time you look for a promotion platform of your service, but it may be the last time! Because with green travel index you get a very effective access to the sales market. You are enabled to promote your investements in sustainability and will receive the most return of invest through bookings by travelers.

Let’s be honest. The problem with most listing directories, while highly functional, is that many of them aren’t very pretty and useful with the informations. It’s why the beautiful ones are so popular, because they match great photography and fantastic functionality with the needs of the users. That's our goal!

That’s what we’ve done with green travel index.

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