The Green Travel Index (GTI) is a B2B Database for sustainable certified service providers in travel and tourism. Our task is to connect the listed services, which are certified by certification or management programms, with the point of sales as there are: Tour Operators, On- and Offline Travel Agents, Technical Solutions like Travel advisory tools and all businesses who need to communicate sustainable travel businesses.

Our purpose is to increase the awareness of sustainability in travel and tourism. Therefore we constantly expand and develop our Database solution for the need of our suppliers.


GTI is based on the GSTC Criteria and helps certification body's, which are still not recognised to start the process of GSTC recognition. For more information about GSTC and GTI please don't hesitate to contact us!

GTI is an independent and neutral organization. GTI is a Portal operated by travel bridge GmbH and positioned neutral in the travel market. Financial support from donations, sponsorship, and membership fees allows us to provide services at low costs.

Membership is open to all interested travel professionals.